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My talks are based on a proven winning formula: I wasn't born a champion and yet I became one through sheer hard work . For over a decade now I have been sharing my story within the corporate world.

My biggest goal is to give individuals or teams one thing they can take away which will improve their performance. It may be a tiny little thing but it's the little details that all add up to being the best you can be.

"It's all about keeping it simple.”

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My Pledge:

1) Inspirational

My talks tell the story of how an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary things. By having a clear goal and the willingness to make a no-compromise approach you can realise your dreams. My talks will inspire you to do the same.

2) Valuable

My talks deliver insights that have many parallels relevant to business. From strategy to goal-setting to performing under pressure and others there is so much business leaders can learn from athletes. My Olympic success was achieved by having the ability to keep it simple and by prioritising the right things at the right time. I will explain how.

3) Entertaining

My talks are not boring, they are full of interesting and funny stories from my Olympic career. These are all delivered in a light-hearted and entertaining way that will leave any audience amused and fascinated.


"I would highly recommend her to anyone – you will all come away motivated and excited about what can be achieved with clear goals, focus and determination!”

Tim Hancock
O&G Group | Chief Executive


"Succeeding in a man’s world: female Thames Valley CEOs take inspiration from Olympian Sarah Ayton

Fourteen female CEOs from the Thames Valley heard Sarah’s view on succeeding in a man’s world at a KPMG-hosted event this week.

The event was one of a series organised by KPMG’s only female chair, Karen Witton. Karen, regional chair for KPMG in the South, said: “Sarah is a real inspiration, and it was a huge privilege to hear her experiences of getting to the top in a male dominated sport. It was surprising to hear that there are many common themes on achieving success in both sport and business."

Karen Witton

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