All the gear and no idea

Posted on 3rd March 2017

So I now certainly look the part. Over Christmas I had a free shopping day courtesy of Goodwood. I had to buy all the gear to make sure on the inevitable day that I fall off (and I WILL fall off) I have enough cushioning to soften the blow as I coming crashing back down to earth.

The equipment, particularly the helmet and body-protector instantly made me feel safer and like most things confidence is everything! Even the super hot Musto jodhpurs and my new gloves made a difference. It's a sport with is a bit like sailing where a 'feel' for things is also so important.

I was excited to go on my first ever hack! It was beautiful, once again I was reminded of sailing, it was so peaceful, just the sound of Bella's hoofs and the great outside. I'm starting to fall in love with riding.

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